Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fiesta Bowl

Oregon v Kansas St
Fiesta Bowl January 3, 2013


 watching the band perform

 I took my new camera lens and loved how close up I could take pictures

 little did we know this would be Chip Kelly's last game as head coach
We had a great time and it was a great win!!
Ducks 35 Kansas St 17

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

We rang in the New Year at Abby and Tri's house this year.  I love being able to spend fun evenings at the Nguyen house..
 the boys loved the box of New Years hats, noise makers, etc....

 Wes and Abby
 Next year they will be adding another little boy to their family
 Evan playing with Rudy LOL!!

 Happy New Year!
 the boys were getting tired so we got home a few minutes before 10 pm so we could watch the ball drop in New York

 Moose celebrating New Years with us too
 I'm pretty sure the noise makers and horns were driving him CRAZY!

Happy New Year from my 3 boys!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!!
Santa left the boys a note saying he heard they were so good this year.  It looks like he left them a lot of good presents!!
the boys were so excited to see that Santa came
Abby, Tri and Logan came over Christmas morning to open presents and have Christmas breakfast with us
Logan was so interested in what everyone else was doing
Alex helped Logan open up some of his gifts
Santa even left some presents for Moose
the boys got an XBOX for Christmas and Alex's reaction was so cute... he said they got something they can exercise with 

opening more presents

Alex reading his new book to Daddy
Evan and his new spiderman slippers
we had such a fun morning

Alex with his new Talking Tom
Logan getting some help with his presents
Evan and his super squad truck
I love Christmas but wonder why the toys are screwed into the boxes. This toy took 2 people and over 30 min to get out of the box!!
Evan already wearing his new Hulk pjs
Evan loved all his new superhero attire
Abby fed moose some Christmas breakfast

trying out the new Disneyland game for the XBOX

playing table tennis with daddy
the boys loved all of their new toys but had a lot of fun coloring a box that Moose's present came in

we had such a great day. it was fun to stay at home and play ALL day long
connect four launcher game
after a wonderful Christmas it was time to hang out and watch the Grinch that stole Christmas